Rocket Aerial Photos

Combining Art and Science To Capture Unique Images

From the mid-1980s through the early 2010s, I was deeply involved in rocket aerial photography. I used modified 35mm film cameras in custom-built rockets to capture these amazing images. Some depict colorful scenery or unusual topography. Others provide an interesting view of old mines or ghost towns. And every photo captures the excitement and action of rocket flight!

Most of these images are available as ready-to-frame, glossy 8x10 prints.

Email for ordering information.

Please note: At this time, the digital images on my website are old, low-resolution scans. Eventually as time allows I plan to rescan them in high resolution.

More Rocketry Info

Want to know more about the rockets and cameras used to capture these images? Looking for information about sport rocketry? Want to see some cool liftoff photos? You can find it all here:

Safety Is My Number One Priority!

All necessary steps were taken to ensure that my rocketry activities were safe at all times and do not endanger people or property. If you fly rockets please do it safely.

Contact your local rocketry club for information about rules and regulations affecting rocketry.