Ghost Towns, Mines, and More!

I’ve been exploring and photographing old ghost towns, mines, mining camps, and other abandoned places for almost 40 years. I’m trying to get as many of them documented as possible. These fascinating, historic sites are rapidly decaying; many have fallen prey to vandals or fire.

Every year I visit new sites and revisit old ones, so I’m always adding new photos to these pages. I also have tons of old prints and slides from past trips which I’m trying to scan and post as time allows.

It’s my hope that my photos will be useful as reference to ghost town buffs; and to those who enjoy building scale models of old buildings and mining structures, for model railroads or other purposes. In many cases, higher resolution versions are available on request.

Email me at if you have any questions about these sites, new information to provide, or to report broken links.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you or your actions. I make no claims as to the safety, accessibility or legality of visiting any of these sites, mines or structures. 

Access: Be aware that access to any of these sites may be restricted, and that the status of any site may change. What was accessible one year may be off-limits the next. In some cases I have received special access to property that is otherwise restricted. Please respect private property and “no trespassing” signs.

Danger: Old or abandoned mines and buildings can be dangerous. Hazards run the gamut from minor issues such as stepping on rusted nails, to serious injuries and even death due to snake bites, collapsing structures, and unmarked, open mine shafts. Entering mines should be done only by those with the proper training and equipment.

Most of these sites are very remote and far beyond cellphone range. If you get into trouble, it will take a very long time to get help, at best. At worst, no one will even know you need help.

Vandalism: These historic sites are a part of our national heritage and should be treasured, not destroyed! One of the biggest threats to old sites is vandalism including graffiti, littering, destruction of structures, and fire. Many sites have been lost forever as a result. Others have been fenced off or otherwise placed off-limits due to the thoughtless acts of stupid, selfish people.

One common problem even among people who wouldn’t normally commit other forms of vandalism, is the burning of wood from old buildings. If you really want a campfire, collect some deadwood, or bring your own.